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Baccalaureate Mass – May 2021

We come to give thanks tonight/today in prayer to God, faculty, parents and you, our graduating Class of 2021. The Baccalaureate Mass is a rich ritual of prayer and reflection for graduates. Reflecting on the book by Jim Clarke, Creating Rituals, New York Times columnist David Brooks wrote, “Ceremonies honor what has taken place, but … Continue reading "Baccalaureate Mass – May 2021"

#29: Why Are You Standing There?

Why are you standing there and looking at the sky? Jesus is not to be found looking up to there. His continued Presence lies within each one of you—through the Church. Jesus left us everything we need to bring His Presence known to one another. He left us His GPS to love one another as … Continue reading "#29: Why Are You Standing There?"

#28: Children of God

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ: St. John reminds us that we are beloved. He tells us of the Father’s indelible love He offers us through His Son who came to live among us that we may be called His children. He proclaims to us that we are holy. God honors us as sacred, through, … Continue reading "#28: Children of God"

Chrism Mass – March 31, 2021

I remember seeing the cover of Time Magazine with these words, “Is God Dead.” I had no idea what it meant, nor did I know who Friedrich Nietzsche was. But it left me asking why was this on the cover of Time Magazine and what did it mean? Why would anyone think or even consider that “God is … Continue reading "Chrism Mass – March 31, 2021"

#27: Bishop Noonan’s Easter Message, 2021

“May our alleluias of this Easter season not be empty, but full of God’s love to declare the works of the Lord.” – Bishop Noonan⁠

#26: Roll Back the Stone

Last year on Good Friday, our Holy Father greeted us in the darkness of the night. It was a profound encounter with Him as he stood alone – isolated – on the street, a solitary figure and then after prayer, he bowed and kissed the feet of Jesus on the Cross tenderly. The image of … Continue reading "#26: Roll Back the Stone"

Conságranos – Febrero 2021

Conságralos en la verdad: tu palabra es verdad. Juan 17:17 Mis hermanas y hermanos en Cristo: Después de la toma de posesión del presidente Biden, recibí un correo electrónico en el que me preguntaban mi postura acerca de ofrecer la comunión al presidente Biden. La pregunta no era de verdadera indagación. La pregunta se formuló … Continue reading "Conságranos – Febrero 2021"

Nuestro Llamado Católico – Febrero 2021

Háganlo todo para la gloria de Dios. 1 Corintios 10:31 Mis hermanas y hermanos en Cristo: En las lecturas de hoy, nos sorprende la fe del leproso. Durante el tiempo de Jesús, se pensaba que cualquier persona con lepra era un pecador. Una persona con lepra estaba esclavizada a la enfermedad: no podía estar entre … Continue reading "Nuestro Llamado Católico – Febrero 2021"

#25: The Lord Looks into the Heart

“Don’t pick at that scab,” said my mother. She said this to keep the wound which the scab covered protected and sterile from the outside world. The scab helped the physical wound to heal. Sometimes, when we are not reconciled with God, we have a tendency to ‘pick at the scab’, to continue to open … Continue reading "#25: The Lord Looks into the Heart"

#37: Theology of the Body with Christopher West

Christopher West, President of Theology of the Body Institute in Lima, Pennsylvania, joins Lisa on Those Catholic Shrinks Podcast this week! Christopher, Lisa, and her husband Andy compare the way modern culture views the human person with how it’s explained through Theology of the Body.