Liturgical Ministries

The worship of God is our primary expression as a community of faith. Our liturgy is the only activity which embraces every single parishioner of HNJ. The liturgy is not only the starting point of the Christian life, as the source of our strength and the basis of our encounter with God, but is also the end-point of our Christian life, as a foretaste of the heavenly banquet where we will be united as One with God, forever and ever.

At HNJ, we recognize that, as St. Augustine said, the celebration of the Eucharist "Makes the Church."  Therefore, our Sunday worship is an expression of the best part of ourselves which we offer to God as a sacrificial gift, and as a means of engaging all elements of our community so that they may be transformed through God's power, felt in the communal experience of worship. We strive to make our liturgies more and more powerful, to make our worship space more and more a place of beauty and an encounter with the Transcendent, and to make our ministers more than volunteers.

Training is facilitated a few times a year for each of the following ministries.  If you would like further information on how you might become part of one, please contact George Kobosko, 321-773-2783, x121, email (or if listed, the contact person associated with the ministry).

Altar Servers:  Server assists celebrant(s) and provides support to the sacristan during the liturgy. Also availability and willingness to serve for special liturgical celebrations outside of Sunday worship. Some training in accordance with the requirements of the presiding priests of the parish, dependability, neat appearance and basic knowledge of the liturgy is required.

Art & Environment Ministry: This committee prepares our beautiful church and grounds for various liturgical functions throughout the year.  The ministry offers the opportunity for those with artistic talents. We also need those with physical strength to move things into place.  Info-Candice Hubley, email.

Audio/Video Ministry:  Operates the video screens at all weekend Masses and Holy Day Masses. They are responsible for showing the slide presentations at Sunday Mass, setting the church lights correctly and, at times, using the cameras to display part of the worship service on the wide screens.

Hands-on training sessions are required for this ministry. Training sessions are provided for anyone interested in this ministry. For more information, contact George Kobosko at 321-773-2783, x121 or email.

Charismatic Prayer:  This prayer group, led by Deacon Les Foy, meets Monday nights at 7:30 pm in the Chapel.  The format usually includes: A significant time for praise and worship, the presence of charismatic gifts (tongues, prophecy, healing prayer), spiritual teachings, witnessing to the favors of the Lord, and intercessory prayer.  For more information, please contact Barbara Procko, 321-773-6362,

Contemplative Prayer:  In Contemplative Prayer, we accept Christ’s invitation from Matthew 6:6, to “silently go into our inner room”, where we let go of thoughts, feelings, mental commentaries, past memories and future plans to simply rest in God’s loving, healing presence. Meets Mondays at 9:15 am & 7:00 pm in Rm. 143.  For more information, please contact Rosemary Van Pelt, 321-725-2669.

Elijah Cup:  Take the Elijah Cup home for a week and pray for vocations to the Priesthood, the Diaconate and the Religious Life. The Elijah Cup is passed weekly at a Sunday Mass.  If you’re interested in participating, please contact Paulette Paradiso 773-6029, email.

EMHC's:  A special minister of the Eucharist is a lay person commissioned for service to a particular community. Special ministers of the Eucharist are selected by the pastor with prayerful consideration of the needs of the community and the qualifications of the individual.  Preparation for the ministry included:

  • Formal instruction through the Diocesan Office of Liturgy upon the recommendation of the pastor. 
  • Complete the Petition for New Minister
  • Parish instruction as to local customs and responsibilities.
  • Formal commissioning at a parish liturgy, to distribute Eucharist from the altar only.

If you are an existing HNJ EMHC and you would like to bring the Eucharist to a family member outside the Mass for any reason (homebound etc.), this must be approved by our Pastor. Please complete this form.

Hospitality (Ushers/Greeters):  Ministers of Hospitality welcome parishioners as they arrive at church, assist with seating, collect and present the community's offering and direct people to communion stations and select the gift presenters. Ushers and Greeters are present at their designated Saturday and Sunday Masses as well as special liturgies or functions that occur throughout the year.

Lectors:  The ministry of Lector is to proclaim the Word of God at Mass through readings taken from the Old and New Testaments. The initial training is provided by the ministry coordinator. Additional training and workshops are held periodically both at the parish and diocesan level. Public speaking and a desire to learn more about the Scriptures is helpful. The impact of God's messages reflects significantly the preparation, the delivery and the conviction of the Lector.  Info-Dr. Ursula Olazabal, 321-749-0217, email.

Linen Care:  The Linen Care ministries involve caring for the altar linens, cloths, corporals, purificators, albs, chasubles, altar ornamentals, such as the candles and other such items and their inventory.  Info-Rose Pitkethly, email.

Perpetual Adoration:  Are you interested in giving Jesus a few minutes of love and adoration in return?  If you are moved to say YES to spend an hour with Jesus or would like more information on how to help with this vital ministry, contact Carolyn Lally, 321-777-4211.

Sacristans:  Sacristans are Ministers who have accepted the additional responsibility of preparing the Sacred Vessels and unconsecrated elements prior to the celebration of the Mass (daily Masses, Sunday liturgies, funerals and weddings). Additional responsibilities include purifying the Sacred Vessels upon completion of the Mass with the help of other Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. An apprenticeship with an experienced sacristan is required, including basic knowledge of liturgy and the vessels used.