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Upcoming Funerals

Please pray for our friends who have recently died.  May their souls rest in peace.


Antoinette Ellis-Brown: Thurs. Sept. 17, Visitation 12:30, Mass 1:00 in the Church. Burial at HNJ Garden

Vincenzo Grimaldi: Fri. Sept. 18, Mass at 11:00 in the Church

Eugene Gentile: Fri. Sept. 18, Visitation 1:30, Mass 2:00 in the Church

Edna Zurawinski: Fri. Sept. 25, Mass 10:00 in the Church. Burial HNJ Garden

Kay Rimer: Fri. Sept. 25, 1pm, Visitation 12:30, Mass in the Church 1:00. Burial in the HNJ Garden

Norbert Kuhnam: Sat. Oct. 10, Mass at 10:30 in the Church. Burial HNJ Garden

Andrew Scarpellino:

Donald Laird:

Megan & Brieanne Leafley: Postpone until fall