Grief Support

Grief shows us many faces...anger, resentment, loneliness, physical symptoms and isolation. Although the void remains, healing comes in time through tears, prayer, talking with good listeners and giving yourself permission to feel the feelings, whatever they may be. We are here to offer hope, strength and consolation. The volunteers who lead these sessions are highly qualified and experienced facilitators with special grief training.

We offer several programs to suit your needs:

Grief Support Group:  HAVE YOU lost a loved one in the past 2 yrs?  In working through the grief process, if you have encountered or are encountering some difficult times, HNJ has a Grief Support Group. Perhaps in sharing your grief or by listening to others, your grief will become a little easier to handle.  Info-Amy Rouzer,321-773-2783, x112, email .

Sudden Traumatic Deaths: Please call Amy Rouzer, x112, email to make an appointment with John Kovach LMHC.

Come Holy Spirit

Replace the tension with me, with holy relaxation

Replace the turbulence within me, with a sacred calm

Replace the anxiety within me, with a quiet confidence

Replace the fear within me, with a strong faith

Replace the darkness within me, with a gentle light

Replace the night within me, with your day

Replace the winter within me, with your spring

Let me see myself as "You" see me, that "I" may see You as You promised, and be healed according to Your Word 

I ask this in the name of Jesus our Lord