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#19: Forming Spiritual Leaders

Deacon Dominick Delio and his wife, Audrey, share how they are creating spiritual leaders after having great mentors of their own.

Become builders of the City of Love – October 2023

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ: Be faithful to God’s Covenant in all that you are. God cherishes you, and I know you also cherish God’s Covenant. Upholding all in prayer keeps us close to God’s Covenant. Prayer allows us to speak to God “face to face” as we talk to God about our individual … Continue reading "Become builders of the City of Love – October 2023"

On a path of God’s design – September 2023

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ: On the 25th Sunday in Ordinary Time, we hear the prophet Isaiah tell us that our way is not God’s way; that our thoughts do not compare to God’s. God’s way is above reproach. His love is everlasting. So, too, St. Paul reminds us that we should conduct ourselves … Continue reading "On a path of God’s design – September 2023"

Love God and His people, not things – September 2023

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ: Where is your heart? Does it swell with the love of God or is it shrunken because of your difficulty to overcome pettiness or jealousy? As we were watching and waiting for the arrival of Hurricane Idalia, I pondered the many things of which we take stock and their … Continue reading "Love God and His people, not things – September 2023"

Eucharistic Revival Reels

Pause and right set our path toward God – August 2023

My Sisters and Brothers in Christ: In the Scripture for the 21st Sunday in Ordinary Time, St. Paul sums up how our daily living should be — to live as all things are from God and through Him and for Him are all things. Everything about us should be about God. We begin our day … Continue reading "Pause and right set our path toward God – August 2023"

Be a Eucharist

Heavenly Father,At our wondrous birth,You invite us to be apart of Your body. We praise Youfor Your Gift ofthe Bread from Heavendivine in Your Son, Jesus. At Your table, You offer usto take and eat the Eucharist,to receive Jesusin the depth of our soul. Your prescient lovefills the longing of our heartand we journey in hope –strangers no longer. In this sacred mystery,You … Continue reading "Be a Eucharist"

Sé Eucaristía

Padre Celestial,Desde nuestro nacimiento,Tú nos has invitado a serparte de tu cuerpo. En tu mesa,tú nos ofrecestomar y comer la eucaristía,para recibir a Jesúsen lo más profundo de nuestra alma. Tu amor proféticollena el anhelo de nuestro corazóny caminamos con esperanza,pues ya no te somos extraños. En este sagrado misterio,nos llamas a hacer por los … Continue reading "Sé Eucaristía"

BE Fè yon ekaristik

Papa nou ki nan syèl la,Nan bèl nesans nou an,ou envite nou pou nou vinyon pati nan Kò w Nou fè lwanj oupou kado Pen sa ki soti nan syèl diven anki se pitit ou a, Jezi. Sou tab ou, Ou ofri noupou nou pran epi manje Ekaristi a,Pou resevwa Jezi nan fen fon nanm … Continue reading "BE Fè yon ekaristik"

SEJA (uma Eucaristia)

Pai Celestial, Em nosso maravilhoso nascimento, Tu nos convidas a ser uma parte do Teu corpo. Nós Te Louvamos pelo Teu Presente do Pão do Céu divino no Teu Filho, Jesus. À Tua mesa, nos convidas a tomar e comer a Eucaristia, receber Jesus no fundo da nossa alma. O Teu amor previdente Plenifica o … Continue reading "SEJA (uma Eucaristia)"