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Misa Fúnebre por el Rvdo. Eamon Tobin – 12 de enero, 2021

Homilía del Obispo John Noonan Del Evangelio de San Mateo escuchamos estas palabras de Jesús: “Te aseguro que cuantas veces lo hiciste por uno de mis hermanos más pequeños, lo hiciste por mí”. Estas palabras son del Evangelio que el P. Eamon Tobin eligió para su misa fúnebre. El P. Eamon abrazó el mensaje del … Continue reading "Misa Fúnebre por el Rvdo. Eamon Tobin – 12 de enero, 2021"

To Life – January 2021

And now, bless the God of all, who has done wonders on earth; Who fosters growth from the womb, fashioning it according to his will! Sirach 50:22 My Sisters and Brothers in Christ, In the first week of the new year, four people I knew died. Two were priests, one was a religious sister, and … Continue reading "To Life – January 2021"

#8: Lessons For Ministry From The Pandemic

THE DEACONS GO DIGITAL! Learn how these faithful men keep ministering to God’s people on all platforms during the pandemic.

Fr. Eamon Tobin’s Funeral Mass – Jan. 12, 2021

From the Gospel of St. Matthew, we heard these words of Jesus, “I assure you as often as you did it for one of my least brothers/sisters, you did it for me” – these words are from the Gospel that Fr. Eamon Tobin chose for his Funeral Mass. Fr. Eamon embraced the Gospel message, teaching … Continue reading "Fr. Eamon Tobin’s Funeral Mass – Jan. 12, 2021"

Hijo Amado – Enero 2021

“Y una voz vino desde el cielo que decía: «Tú eres mi Hijo amado; en ti me he complacido.»” | Marcos 1, 11 Mis hermanas y hermanos en Cristo: Nuestras pilas bautismales y pilas de agua bendita todavía permanecen vacías durante la pandemia. El 10 de enero, cierre de la temporada navideña, escuchamos proclamar el … Continue reading "Hijo Amado – Enero 2021"

Beloved Son – January 2021

And a voice came from the heavens, “You are my beloved Son; with you I am well pleased.” Mark 1:11 My Sisters and Brothers in Christ: Our baptismal fonts and holy water stoups still lay barren during the Pandemic. On January 10, the close of the Christmas season, we hear proclaimed the Gospel about the … Continue reading "Beloved Son – January 2021"

#23: Beloved Son

The Nativity of the Lord – December 24, 2020

The crib is the central and visible attraction for young children at Christmas. Watch the little children come to the crib to say hello and welcome the baby Jesus. It is amazing to see how excited they are at welcoming baby Jesus. I am sure you parents get all sorts of questions. When I was … Continue reading "The Nativity of the Lord – December 24, 2020"

#22: Merry Christmas

Blessings to you this holy season of Christmas! It strikes me that we experienced our season of Advent more intimately these past weeks as we understand it to be the season of waiting and longing. For what were we waiting?

Navidad – Diciembre 2020

Nos ha amanecido un día santo. Venid naciones y adoren al Señor. Porque hoy una gran luz ha llegado a la tierra.                                Aclamación del Evangelio: Navidad  Mis hermanas y hermanos en Cristo: ¡Bendiciones para ustedes en esta santa temporada de … Continue reading "Navidad – Diciembre 2020"