Next Generation Parish Information

Parish Values

Family – We believe our parish to be an image of the family of God
* Our family community is composed of both our church and our school
* Through continuing faith formation we build up the family, the domestic church
* All are welcome to worship, study and minister at Holy Name of Jesus

Prayer – We believe that prayer is essential in embracing our parish mission
* Inspire faithful discipleship through active and engaging liturgies and worship
* Engage all generations of parishioners through continuing faith formation opportunities
* Ensure all ministries flow from the foundation of prayer and devotion to Christ   

Tradition – We believe that HNJ is blessed by our past, present and future
* Celebrate our history and Catholic identity as a parish established in 1959
* Continue to inspire active ministries to grow through word and witness
* Openness to new opportunities for growth both spiritually and physically as a parish

Parish Vision Statement

An engaged parish, inspired by Christ, embracing our Catholic identity

3 Parish Priorities and Overview of tasks/goals for each

  1. Worship – Glory and Praise to God
  • Eucharist is the center of Liturgy: liturgies must provide the respectful worship environment focused on the Gospel message
    • Encourage higher participation in Perpetual Adoration
    •        Education in prayer techniques and liturgical ministries
    •        Enhance the Sunday Mass experience through quality preaching, music and hospitality
  1. Faith Formation – Forming present and future disciples of Christ
  • Launch an Early Learning Center for initial formation
    • Strengthen the relationship between school and religious education
    •        Greater involvement for Young Adults ministries  
    •        Encourage greater opportunities for formation at all levels
    •        Parent/child prayer days, activities centered around a theme or retreats
  1. Discipleship – Active participation of our faith in Christ
  • Give parishioners more opportunities to share their talents
    • Provide and re-evaluate ministries and programs
    •        Develop a program to nurture and develop time, talent and treasure of parishioners to enable them to be good stewards today and for future generations.
    •        Address our monetary needs so that parishioners understand what contributions need to be made
    •        Provide information on how various ministries benefit the community; highlight current areas of stewardship with results