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Adult Education Series: Grace-filled meals

Table Hospitality in Luke - Acts
Please join us for three sessions on Wed, Oct 16, 23, and 30, at 7:00 pm in Rm. 101.

The Gospel of Luke and the Acts of the Apostles, both written by St. Luke, have one particularly pervasive theme: the work of spreading the good news of God’s Kingdom shares many aspects of simple table hospitality. Jesus did some of His very best work over meals in a variety of settings, ranging from strangers’ houses to outdoor venues to dinner parties planned by enemies to entrap Him. Even after His resurrection, Jesus still shared meals with His disciples. And later in Acts, the apostles continued to expand the notion of who are fit to share food with at the table and what foods can be shared. Join us as we look at the details of Jesus’ table hospitality, its relationship to the Eucharist and its foreshadowing of the heavenly banquet of salvation. All are welcome. Facilitated by Jim Curry, HNJ RCIA Coordinator.


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