Christ Renews His Parish Retreats

"Christ Renews His Parish" (CRHP) Retreat is a weekend open to every adult member (age 21+) of HNJ (including non-Catholic spouses, etc.) where you will experience a personal, spiritual renewal and an abundance of joy in Christian Community.  CRHP is a process designed to bring members of our parish together in Christ. It consists of two gifts. The first is a 'gift' of the weekend to you where you "come away" from the everyday world for a time of listening, sharing, prayer, fun and food!  The second is your 'gift' to others where you simply take your renewed heart into your everyday life.

The renewal weekend, is given by a team of Parishioners, like you, along with a Priest/Deacon who have come together to prepare this 'gift' for you.  Men and women attend separate weekends.  This is not a silent retreat. The emphasis is on personal and community renewal. The process is centered on the sharing of God's love by members of the Team and table sharing in a liturgical, scriptural, prayerful & casual atmosphere. There will be no pressure on your to talk or share. Sensitivity to you and your needs will always be respected.

The renewal process does not come on like a tornado! It brings God's message of love into finer focus and allows you a relaxed atmosphere to respond to Christ's call to a closer and deeper relationship with Him and other members of our parish.

This is an 'on-site' weekend offered in the Fall and Spring. It begins on a Saturday morning and concludes Sunday afternoon.  Accommodations are simple but very adequate. Sleeping arrangements are provided on large comfortable air mattresses and/or costs, but if you require a bed due to a health issue, we will accommodate you.  All meals are prepared for you. If you have special dietary or other requirements, we will accommodate you.  Please specify them on the Reservation Form.  The entire weekend is informal. Casual and comfortable clothing will be the 'uniform of the day'!  All you will need to bring is your own pillow, sheets, blanket, (or sleeping bag), towel, personal toiletries, medicines and your selection of casual clothes for Sunday.

Sacraments are part of the weekend. Mass is celebrated and Reconciliation is available.

Can you afford this weekend?  Absolutely "YES!" While the process attempts to be self-sustaining, we ask that you do not stay away for financial reasons. Donations at the end of the weekend are welcomed and always kept private and anonymous.

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Info:  Bill Gent, 321-773-2783, x198, email.