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100 Teens Join Forces to Make A Change

Six teenagers from Resurrection Parish in Lakeland gathered to found a new organization, 100 Teens Who Care Lakeland. The organization’s vision is simple, impactful, and powerful – that anyone, even youth, can make an impact. They hope to inspire the next generation of philanthropists by raising money for charity and, more importantly, getting teens involved in the community. On … Continue reading "100 Teens Join Forces to Make A Change"

Catholic Youth Have Heart

Catholic Youth Ministries connects middle school and high school aged youth to Christ through catechism, prayer, worship, leadership development, justice, service, and community life. These programs focus on empowering young people to live as disciples of Jesus Christ and to actively participate in the life, mission, and work of the Catholic faith community. Programs span … Continue reading "Catholic Youth Have Heart"

Ambassador of Mercy with Fr. Anthony Aarons

Are you an ambassador of mercy, spreading hope throughout the world? Missionary of Mercy, Fr. Anthony Aarons tells us about his pilgrimage to Rome where he and 1,000+ of his fellow missionaries met with Pope Francis.

Mercy in Action: “Pilot” The Face of Mercy

Are you an ambassador of mercy? Gary and Fr. Anthony share the significance of carrying mercy within us every day.

Fools for Christ: Awkward Conversations E41

Dan and Kimmy talk awkwardly about the awkwardness of awkward conversations. They discuss how discernment can help us attain the surety to do the will of God when awkward conversations need to occur.

Those Catholic Shrinks: The Secret to a Perfect Work & Life Balance E18

We all want it! The perfect balance to work, family, friends, and personal pursuits. There are lots of gurus and bloggers out there who will tell you there’s a secret formula. Regina and Lisa will give you their take on how to achieve perfection in your life… or maybe something a little different.

Madagascar Jr. – another hit production

“Quiet on the set! Cue the penguins!” Holy Redeemer Catholic School’s spring production this year was Madagascar Jr. Students and families explored the jungles of Madagascar with Alex, Marty, Gloria, and Melman. It was a fun-filled, exciting, and hilarious performance put on by the talented fifth through eighth grade students. Plays are a lot of … Continue reading "Madagascar Jr. – another hit production"

Building Relationship Through First Communion

How do you think we can get more and more and people to do their First Communion? Father Timothy LaBo, pastor of Holy Redeemer Catholic Church in Kissimmee, recently answered this question. “To get more people to do their First Communion we need to spread the good news; evangelize, invite everyone into the Church, be … Continue reading "Building Relationship Through First Communion"

Coming Together to Pack and Feed

Packing meals for the hungry is a very good thing to do because it helps so many people to have food on their tables. Sacred Heart Catholic School in New Smyrna Beach cared so much for the poor that, rooted in the school’s Redemptorist charism, they decided to run a large-scale fundraising event to help … Continue reading "Coming Together to Pack and Feed"

Emergency Room Disciple

One of the emergency room physicians of Florida Hospital New Smyrna, Dr. Abigail Adams, is a phenomenonal of a child of Christ. She is kind, loving, and helpful to those in need. She has also inspired people to live their life with hope by her own example. One of Dr. Adams’ God-driven acts was when … Continue reading "Emergency Room Disciple"