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#35: Beauty Surrounds Us

Fresh from his trip to Alaska, Fr. Chris joins Steve this week to discuss how the beauty of God is all around us and how through beauty we can grow closer to the Father.

#34: You are Free to Kneel, but Should You

Fr. Martin and Steve discuss our freedoms and the responsibilities that come along with them.

#33: Fr. Martin vs Hurricane Irma

Fr. Martin joins Steve to tackle the question, “if our God is a God of Love, why does he allow natural disasters and the suffering that accompanies them?”

#32: A Vocation Story

Have you ever wanted to know Fr. Martin’s life story? Well this podcast includes his life in Vietnam, his adventure through his rebellious teens and of course his incredible journey to the priesthood.

#31: It’s a Trappist

Fr. Martin and Steve take a look at a branch of the Order of Cistercians known as Trappists – discussing their daily lives and how they maintain their abbeys and cloisters. Oh yeah, they make beer too.

#30: Catholic Superheroes R Us

Fr. Martin is STILL on vacation, so Steve welcomes back special guest Fr. Chris Dorsey to analyze the different kinds of Catholic Superheroes and how their spirituality defines them.

#29: Gluten Free

Father Martin and Steve look at the history and tradition of the Eucharist by breaking it down into two parts: matter and form. They also discuss the importance of the chemical composition of the bread and wine.

#28: The Feminine Genius

Fr. Martin and Steve welcome special guest Carol Brinati, Chief Operating Officer/Chancellor for the Diocese of Orlando, to talk about how each of us can use our own unique gifts to bring the light of Christ to our Brothers and Sisters.

#27: My Big Fat Catholic Wedding

Fr. Martin and Steve analyze the sacramentality of matrimony and the importance a strong prayer life and relationship with God has on marriage.

#26: The Sword of Michael

Fr Martin and Steve explore the legend of the sword of St Michael the Archangel and how his fight with the devil provides us with a template for combating evil.