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#10: Virtue/Vice

Fr. Martin and Steve talk about the corrosive nature of sin and how we can counteract it with prayer.

#9: St. Valentine & St. Valentine

Love is in the air as Fr. Martin and Steve take a look at the life of St. Valentine and the role that love plays in guiding us towards God.

#8: Free Falling

Fr. Martin and Steve plunge into a discussion about falling away from our faith. What all of us can do to avoid plummeting out into nothing and how we can leave this world for a while and re-strengthen our relationship with Christ.

#7: Marching for Life

In the spirit of the annual March for Life, Fr. Martin and Steve talk about the God-given sanctity of all human life and our duty of protecting those who cannot protect themselves.

#6: Unity Among Christians

Father Martin and Steve Bucklin discuss the hope of having Christian Unity throughout the world. They are joined by special guest Rev. Gregory O. Brewer, 4th Bishop of Central Florida, Episcopal Diocese of Central Florida.

#5: Mary, Queen of Resolutions

Host Fr. Martin and co-host Steve Bucklin open the new year with a discussion about Mary and how she should be involved in making new resolutions and keeping them in today’s increasingly distracting and tempting world.