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#42: Ch ch ch Changes…

This week Fr. Martin and Steve channel their inner David Bowie as they talk about the difficulty in dealing with changes in our lives.

#41: A Minster for All Seasons

Fr. Martin and Steve break down the history of Westminster Abbey; from its beginning as a Benedictine monastery up to its present role within the Church of England. They also draw attention to a certain Cathedral nearby.

#40: Which Rite is Right

Fr. Martin and Steve are back to discuss the various rites that make up the larger church.

#39: Festival of Lights

Fr. Martin and Steve share the history and traditions of Hanukkah—also known as Festival of Lights with the lighting of the menorah.

#38: The Name is Luther, Martin Luther

As we commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Protestant reformation, Steve and Fr. Martin take a closer look at the Martin Luther the man.

#37: Shssh, it’s a Secret

This week Fr. Martin and Steve provide the answer to a question no one is asking. What is the Roman Curia and what does it do?