See What's Happening

See What's Happening

The First Day of School

Posted by Carl Sterling

Student's are happy to return to school as the next class up the ladder.  

As students change grades from PK3 to 8th, they come to understand human growth and potential.

Middle School learns safety procedures in the science lab.

PK and VPK Welcome Back BBQ

Posted by Carl Sterling

PreK families enjoy catching up at the start of the school year.


Back to School Night

Posted by Carl Sterling

Students, families, teachers, staff, and parish members love catching up with each other after summer break!

Electives and Enrichment

Posted by Carl Sterling

From the KITE program to middle school electives to the Discovery, Maker Space, TEAL, and Computer Labs, HNJ has more than enough variety to please any palate!

The art program is a favorite past time for many!  The music program includes choir, recorders, and a keyboarding elective. 

Spanish and ... Read More »

Book Fairs!

Posted by Carl Sterling

Student's enjoy buying books for reading.  We have a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction books for all ages at prices that can't be beat.  And it benefits the school!

Designer Bag BINGO

Posted by Carl Sterling

Designer Bag BINGO is a dream come true for our lucky winners and a night of fun for everyone involved.

Middle School MCC Days

Posted by Carl Sterling

Students in grades 5 - 8 enjoy a themed day at MCC each year.

5th Grade does a field day.  6th does a science and math Olympiad.

7th grade enjoys a day of spiritual reflection.  8th learns what being in high school is all about.

The Academic Bowl for ... Read More »

Kindergarten and 8th Grade Buddies!

Posted by Carl Sterling

Those leaving nurturing those just coming in.

The Golf Tournament

Posted by Carl Sterling

The annual golf tournament is a blast.

PumpkinFest Takes over the Book Worm!

Posted by Carl Sterling

Students make pumpkin creations representing their favorite story characters and showing off their artistic abilities! 

That must have been fun for the whole family!