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Upcoming Kairos Weekend

The first team meeting for our next Kairos Weekend (May 14-17) is Mon, Mar 2, and we are looking for new volunteers.  Please sign up in the Atrium after any Mass the weekend of Feb 29/Mar 1.

How do we get into the prison? It’s not easy for a Christian to walk through the gate, no matter how good your intentions may be. (Only certain Clergy can be granted unlimited access.)  The Kairos Prison Ministry has been in operation for over 40 years, and has developed the necessary contacts and good will from staff. It is an extra security burden on them, but we are welcomed by the Chaplain who is responsible for the spiritual life of over 2000 inmates and has very little help.

The State of Florida has a Prison budget of $2.7 billion, but little is spent on rehabilitation.  You and other Christian volunteers are the front line! Over 30,000 Florida incarcerated are released back to their families and neighborhoods each year.  What have they learned, during their time of forced inactivity?  There are actually 60 ministries registered at the local prison, but not one has the proven impact that Kairos has. And we actually meet many who are already baptized Christians! Most who are incarcerated do not want to return, so they may need some new tools to find their way and plenty of encouragement. 

Leader:  Chuck Leonard, 321-432-7035 (Parishioner at St. John Evangelist Catholic Church).  Info-Wendell Koontz, 321-223-5551.


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