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Mission Appeal

Fr. Dennis C. Callan SVD will be at HNJ next weekend, July 13/14, to celebrate Masses and speak about the many ministries of his religious community, Divine Word Missionaries. They are an international religious community of Missionary Priests and Brothers serving in 79 countries helping to build chapels, celebrate the sacraments and spread the Word of God in remote mission communities.

As a Divine Word Missionary, Fr. Dennis served in Taiwan for 18 years and another 16 years in South Korea before returning home to the United States in 2016. While in Taiwan, Fr. Dennis served as formation director for the congregation’s China Province and general affairs director at Fu Jen Catholic University. While in Korea, Fr. Dennis taught in the seminary at Suwon Catholic University, worked among migrant workers, served as a contract priest for the U.S. Army and served as regional superior for his congregation. Currently, he is the superior delegate of the North American provinces responsible for the care of Divine Word Missionaries from other provinces who come to the United States. Father Dennis is proficient in both Chinese and Korean languages.

Nearly 6,000 active Divine Word Missionaries minister in the far corners of the world. They build hospitals to care for the sick and schools to educate the poor. They teach the hungry to farm, and they provide life’s necessities—water, food and shelter—in impoverished communities. These priests and Brothers help those neglected and forgotten by society to build a better future. They also foster vibrant Catholic communities of service and faith around the world.

This mission appeal is part of the Missionary Cooperative Program of our Diocese of Orlando. Please be generous with your prayers and contribute to the second collection to help support the missionary work of the Divine Word Missionaries. To meet some of the people Divine Word Missionaries help, please read the stories at 


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