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Could you spend an hour with Me?

Pope Benedict XVI tells us:

“Eucharistic Adoration is an essential way of being with the Lord. In the sacred Host, Jesus is present. Only by adoring this presence do we learn how to receive Him properly. We learn the reality of communion. We learn the Eucharistic celebration from the inside. Let us love being with the Lord! There we can speak with Him about everything, we can offer Him our petitions, our concerns, our troubles, our joys, our gratitude, our disappointments, our needs and our aspirations.”

Perpetual Adoration is a sign of our belief as Catholics that Jesus, the Lord, is a real presence in the Blessed Sacrament. He has asked us to be with Him if just for an hour as He asked His disciples. We at HNJ are in need of many committed adorers to spend an hour with the Lord .

We have 27 hours in need of a second adorer. Come and visit the table in the Atrium on Divine Mercy Sunday to find out where the need is and if you can find an hour to fit your schedule. Our parish has had 24 hours, 7 days a week adoration for 19 years. Please see the hours of need, as well as registration forms, in the Welcome Center.

Info-Louise Brennan, 321-777-6423, [email protected]


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