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Hearts Out to Haiti News: Adopt-a-Teacher

Education is the main focus of the Hearts Out to Haiti Mission and teacher salary support is the primary way we try to help so many children.

We currently are sponsoring 114 teachers in Les Palmes and Durissy, Haiti, the two communities we help support in the remote mountains of Haiti.   At this time, we have 65 of our 114 teachers sponsored.  A teacher sponsorship for one year is $420...a little more than a dollar a day, $35 a month. 

Would you like to help us with this wonderful Adopt-a-Teacher program?  Here is how you can:

Make a one-time donation of any amount, with your check made out to Holy Name of Jesus and marked HAITI TEACHER in the memo area.

Join together with friends or family members to sponsor a teacher’s yearly salary of $420.

Have your Small Church Community group make a donation.

Set up a weekly, monthly, or quarterly  sponsorship donation.

As the late Archbishop Miot stated…”education will feed the children’s minds for years to come…and it is far better than feeding them for only a few days”.

Donation forms can be found in the Life Center Office., [email protected].


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