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A Letter from Fr. Anis

Dear Friends and Benefactors,

As I write this note to you, I think of the many readers and benefactors of Hearts Out to Haiti who support our social projects here in Durissy. Some of them have already left for the father's house. We pray for the rest of their souls and we think they are in Heaven with God. As for you, you continue to bear witness to the love of God in your life. May God bless you, make you healthy, and fill you with His blessings. Your good works are virtual with us in Durissy. Thanks to you, more than 500 children and young people benefit from an education almost free. We are very grateful to you for always having thought of a better future for the most vulnerable.

Aware of the ethical, social, political, economic, security, health and many other difficulties that our country Haiti has been going through for some time, but deeply filled with hope, we strive to be more present with our students for their ensure a better future. Since we are placed in rural areas, even if sometimes the teachers have complained about the transport costs which ruin their monthly salary, they always do their best to be present in the classrooms.

  • Our schoolchildren go to school regularly and have given good results.
  • Our agricultural system, still in gestation, continues to function, despite an irregularity recorded this year due to growing insecurity in Haiti. We weren't able to go buy seeds on time. That’s what caused us to lose the good season. Our gardens are well overdue, but we still hope to harvest some produce from our gardens.
  • Thanks to the invaluable support of Msgr. David Page and other HOH donors, we are raising Pigs that will give us the opportunity to generate funds for the survival of the school.
  • The school is now equipped with a mini computer lab for learning by children and students. We hope to receive more computers from you to strengthen the structure.
  • Children are provided with a library now for children's research and study. We are very grateful to Daniel Benson, Tricia Roy, Don and Kathy Pomeroy who provide us with books. are still waiting for other materials to increase the capacity of the library and to have other books for the different levels of the school. We strongly encourage children to make books their loyal friends.
  • Much more, an intellectual championship was organized at the school this year between students of our school and those of another school. Our students won the final victory. All thanks to you. Thank you.
  • An agricultural fair was also organized this year on the occasion of Labor Day. The children had exhibited the products of their gardens in order to promote local production. We hope to repeat this experience every year.
  • This Year, we are aware that many of our supporters have passed away. A requiem mass in memory of the deceased is celebrated on Friday May 14th.
  • We plan to organize our traditional Camp Mission this year with and for our 504 students. A recognition mass will end this camp on Wednesday, June 30, 2021.
  • In addition, evangelization is done in order to teach faith in God and educate the conscience of our children and young people of this generation.

In Durissy, we are investing in children and young people because Haiti’s future depends on them. We want to train another generation of conscientious men and women who can contribute to the development of the future Haiti we all dream of. We are not pessimistic, Haiti will one day shine through the efforts of many young boys and women. Thank you for what you mean to us. There is still a long way to go; Help us take more positive steps towards this great change that we all long for.For your edification, in Durissy we have:A school that operates in 3 sections (preschool, elementary, and High school) which accommodates 504 students, a staff of 37 teachers, 2 directors, 2 guards, 3 managers and 5 cooks. At the same time, high school students receive an agricultural technique teaching to provide them with training in agriculture, veterinary medicine and environmental protection. The aim is also to promote the agricultural system in the region and help our young people to develop a greater love for the land. We are very grateful to Monsignor David Page, Pastor Emeritus of Holy Name of Jesus, Melbourne who supports this project.In Durissy, the government is virtually absent. The few social services that the community receives come from the pastoral efforts of Father Anis, the leader of Durissy, with of course the generous help of his dedicated and tireless donors. Durissy suffers from a serious public health problem. Thus, aware of the absence of a health service in the region of Durissy, we have created a school and community health center in the region which has functioned until now with the limited means given by parents in school fees. For this embryo of health structure is served by a doctor, a nurse, a technologist and 2 health workers.

Future perspectives :1- Need for a wider vocational school for young people2- For the next school year, we are faced with the urgent need to repair the bridge built by Hearts Out to Haiti in 2007 and to partially concrete 400 linear meters of road leading to the school; Because when it rains, the smallest children have difficulty getting to school, the road is so slippery; on 3 occasions, I had to park my car halfway because of the bad condition of the road3- We eagerly welcome any support we can find in the medical field to run our clinic.4- We will risk losing the feeding program for children, due to the poor condition of the kitchen. The inspectors of the World Food Program ordered us to provide the school with a cafeteria to well deserve the school canteen. Inspectors from the Ministry of National Education made the same recommendation to us. In conclusion, if we want to paint a picture of the general situation in Haiti. Life is not too lenient for Haitians because of the mismanagement of the country by our leaders. Haitians live in fear because of growing insecurity. Many of our compatriots, even professionals (doctors, engineers, children of the wealthy people , agronomists, students) leave the country to immigrate to other countries of the Caribbean, the United States, Canada, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Dominican Republic etc. Life becomes more and more difficult, the unemployment rate increases and the purchasing power of the population decreases. Inflation makes life more and more expensive, even more so for those who do not have a job. The rate of kids malnutrition is also increasing and young people are very uncertain of their future. In urban areas, some of our young Haitians, if they do not engage in kidnapping, become prostitutes to find something to eat. In short, the Haitian people are like a sheep without a shepherd. In all of this, we remain hopeful that something must change one day.Pray for Haiti. Because Haiti needs your help.

Thank you. Father Anis




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