Letter from our Pastor

4776152490059Dear Parents/Guardians of Holy Name of Jesus Students,

I would like to personally commend you on your decision to educate your children at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School in Indialantic, FL. I am aware of the sacrifices you are making and wish to offer support from myself and the parish in helping to form our children in their Catholic identity and also prepare them for the rigors of the secular world. The challenges and struggles these children face in our current culture are so very difficult. We need to be able to not only support one another, but also be able to instill solid, practical, Christian values and morals to help them live lives of strong, moral character. Regular family prayer and participation in Sunday Mass are vital factors which I would strongly request for you to continue within your home. The only practical way to instill Christian principles and values upon our children is if we have them ourselves. In the future, when all else is gone, the only thing that will really matter will be their souls. Let us work together for these children.

Your participation in the many community activities which the school and parish provide is also of utmost importance. It is vital that you give of your time and talents, not only in order for us to provide many activities which enrich our school and parish community, but even more than that. We need to instill the sense of community in these children. It is important for our children to always recognize that the Church is not only a place of prayer, but it can also serve as a place of fellowship and support.

In our large parish, it's impossible to be able to monitor Mass attendance and so I wish to ask that you use your offertory envelopes each weekend. By using your envelopes regularly, we can offer you the 'active Catholic tuition' (category 1). I would also like to stress the importance of tithing (even if it is only a few dollars per week) as this is another example you can give to our children of how your relationship with God is the center of your life, including your home and finances.

Once again, congratulations and God Bless You!

Father Tony Welle