Third Grade

• Blessed Trinity – The Father, Son and Holy Spirit
• The Early Church – The Apostles
• The Church Year – Seasons and Calendar
• Teachings of Jesus
• Celebrating the Mass and the Sacraments
• Continuing the Work of Jesus
• The Church is Worldwide

Language Arts
• Genres – realistic Fiction, Fantasy, Fable, Expository Nonfiction, Plays, Biographies
• Comprehension – activate prior knowledge, sequencing, drawing conclusions, characters, setting, visualization, plot, author's purpose
• Grammar – writing good sentences and paragraphs, subjects and predicates, statements and questions, commands and explanations, nouns, verbs, contractions, prepositions, adverbs, adjectives, punctuation marks
• Writing – character description, narrative paragraph, writing rules, journal entry, friendly letter, compare and contrast, descriptive paragraph, story summary
The 3rd grade Language Arts curriculum also includes vocabulary, fluency, phonics, spelling study skills and leveled grouping.

• Place Value – Numbers in the Thousands
• Counting Money and Making Change
• Comparing and Ordering Numbers
• Addition and Subtraction with Regrouping
• Time to the minute, quarter hour and half hour
• Understanding Data and Graphs
• Multiplication Concepts and Facts (0-12)
• Division Concepts and Facts
• Multiplying by One Digit Numbers
• Dividing by One Digit Numbers
• Measurement – Capacity, Weight and Temperature
• Probability and Problem Solving Applications
• Geometry and Measurement – Perimeter, Area and Volume

• Looking at Plants and Animals
• Habitats and Ecosystems
• Our Earth – water, land and sky
• Weather and Water Cycles on Earth and In Space
• Forces, Motion and Simple Machines
• Understanding Matter and Energy

Social Studies
• Learning about Neighbors and Communities
• Qualities of an American Citizen
• Rights and Responsibilities of a Citizen
• Branches and Levels of Government
• Physical and Human Processes
• People and Their Environments
• Our American Heritage – Exploring Cultures
• A Nation of Immigrants