Student Council

The purpose of the Holy Name of Jesus Student Council is to develop leadership skills in our students and to foster good citizenship. Our Student Council members meet on a scheduled basis in a large group and help to plan community service and activities for our student body. They are elected to the position, by their peers, for the entire school year.

Student Council Election Results 2013/2014

5th Grade-Class Representative- Olivia Stimpson
Alternate-Sydney MacDonald

6th Grade-Class Representative- Chris Sorgenfrei
Alternate- Jolie L'Heureux

7th Grade Class Representative-Camille Stimpson
Alternate-Sara Sutton

8th Grade Class Representative-Gabby Hagan

Advisor Positions
Mary MacKay-Social Advisor
Vincent Colombo-Sports Advisor

Student Council Officer Positions
Kelly Hazlett-President
Mackenzie Anderson-Vice President
Sam Hennessy-Treasurer
Abby Harnden-Secretary