Extended Care Program

Formerly known as After School Care, it is now "The Clubhouse". The Clubhouse is open to all students in Pre-k 3 thru 8th grade, the hours are from 3:00-6:00 pm, Monday-Friday and only open when school is session for a full day.

What makes HNJ's After School Care program special? As teachers, our priority is to create a safe and happy environment for those children participating in the program. Yet, it is more than that. It is developing a sense of camaraderie among all of the children, regardless of their age.

Located in the Art Room, our afternoon begins with attendance. Then, the children gather around the statue of Mary as we say a prayer. Our Blessed Mother sets the "tone" for the day. Afterwards, the children have a snack. No two days are the same–weather permitting, we go outside. There, the children release their energy at our newly renovated playground. Inside–coloring pictures, crafts, board games and computers may be used. Often, the children opt for a movie. And on occasion, paper bag puppets are made for "puppet theater"! When a child completes a craft or finishes a picture, the entire group "gives it up" to applaud the work done. It is amazing how even the shyest enjoy the positive reinforcement. Despite this age of technology, it is satisfying to see Hangman and checkers still being played. Many of the middle school children opt to do homework. In fact, if the Art Room gets too busy, they have asked to go to the music room (next door) to quietly pursue their studies. It is our mission to make sure that these hours pass quickly, safely and happily as these children await their parent or guardian. The best endorsement for our program is from the little ones–they cry when they are picked up!

In order to insure safety, the younger children play in a different playground than the older children. Organized play is always supervised and doing homework is encouraged.

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