Art & Music Programs

kids-artworkArt Program

The art program consists of four broad components that help students to establish a lifelong appreciate for the visual arts and the connection of art to their everyday lives. These components are taught across all levels according to age and abilities of the classes.

Artistic Perception: Where students are exposed to art history and develop an awareness and appreciation of all types of art. The children evolve their understanding that art has a personal meaning to the creator and ways that it can be interpreted by the viewer.

Creative Expression: Affords the students the opportunity to create art using various traditional and contemporary media and techniques. The children learn how and why people, including artists, create art. The students experiment with various sources for inspiration for creative works and foster the skills to develop ideas for expression in visual form. This process involves imagination, visual thinking, creative problem solving and an evolving understanding of the elements and principles of art and design.

Art History: Allows connections to be made to historical, cultural, and academic education when various art periods,styles and cultures are explored. Connections are made to expose children to the ways that art enters many other facets of life and how it enriches their own lives.

Aesthetic Valuing: Students learn to explore and apply aesthetic principles and positive criticism to their work, the works of others and the works of "artists". The children learn how to perceive and respond to works of art, how to find beauty in the visual communications that are seen, and explore why others may respond or feel differently.

Music Program

The Music program at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic School is provided by Harmony Music Co., Melbourne FL.  The program incorporatesmusic-notes-293x200 listening, singing, large motor activities and the use of rhythm instruments.  Awareness of form, rhythm, melody and harmony is incorporated into sequential learning experiences in all grades.  Students in 5th grade will have an opportunity to learn the piano in our  Keyboard Lab. Middle school students will have an elective period where they may choose to learn piano, guitar, garage band or participate in a theater ensemble.

All students learn Catholic liturgical music. Students in grades 4–8 are eligible to be a part of the school choir that leads the student body in weekly school liturgies. The Holy Name of Jesus School Choir meets Wednesday mornings at 7:45 am in the Church Choir Room. 

We also offer beginning and intermediate Band. Our Band and Vocal teachers are also provided by Harmony Music Co., Melbourne, Florida. Arrangements for instrument rental will be made directly with Harmony.