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What is Kairos Prison Ministry? 

Aug 9, 2018

You may believe Kairos is a ministry of evangelism. It is, but it’s more than that. Just as a hungry person needs food, or a thirsty person needs water, those in prison suffer from a lack of human presence.  

The person you serve at Daily Bread does not have to recite the Creed. Neither do those we visit in prison. Agape love is love that’s offered without expectation. In order to love the Creator, some may first need to see love in a human form. So we don’t have to preach.  We don’t even bring a Bible.  The motto of Kairos is simply: “Listen, listen, love, love!” Kairos is the spirit of Christ, unencumbered. Those we contact in prison see a team of brothers without prejudices or agenda. It probably began like this back in ancient Rome; slaves and servants attracted by something they had never seen or felt before. The same is true of Kairos in prison. Christian love is its own form of evangelization. Brought to the incarcerated in human form, they get it! A lady once asked me, “How do they take to it? (Thinking of the message of Christianity.)  I said, “There is no way that they won’t take to the message of Jesus, the way Kairos presents it!” And this has never failed. We find the Holy Spirit is present and the effect is never seen more strongly than inside the barbed wire of a prison.

Please see a volunteer after Mass this weekend, Aug 11/12 to sign up for our next prison weekend in November.      


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