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Marriage Enrichment Day

Jan 26, 2018


Please join us on Sat, Mar 24, 8:30 am-4:30 pm in the Life Center Hall.  Theme:  "Follow the Way of Love."

This is a very special experience for married couples who want not just stability, but steady and continuing growth in their relationship. The day offers enrichment to couples who want to make their caring, committed relationships even better.  Please join us and you will:

Enjoy spending quality time together away from responsibilities.

Spend the day in an enriching environment in which both spiritual and relationship growth can take place.

Have time to share with other couples who have similar life situations and experiences.

Identify directions in which you want your marriage to grow.

Deepen your relationship and grow closer to each other and to God.  Brochure and registration forms can be found in the Life Center Office.  Cost:  $30 per couple., 987-8173.



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