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Bible Parade Sign-up

Oct 16, 2018

It's time to sign up to participate in the Bible Parade on Sat, Dec 1, at 2:00 pm.  Sign-up weekend is Oct 27/28 in the Atrium.

Come out and tell the Story of Jesus through the Bible on Parade.  This is our 29th year of this Christmas Living Presentation of the Bible on Parade.

Our Needs:

  • 13 (Men) for Last Supper Float
  • 2 people for Annunciation Float
  • 12 Woman for Book of Psalms Float (singers, praise worshipers)
  • 24 Banner Carriers
  • 12 to Proclaim the Word
  • 4 Closet Workers
  • Families and children welcome
  • MCC Students can earn credits for participating
  • Float Workers
  • 2 large flat beds, truck & drivers (Book of Psalms & Last Supper Float)
  • 1 small flat bed and truck for Annunciation Float

Info-Barbara Procko 321-773-6362,


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